Amanda Stocker

About Me

Tutor – Dyslexia & Dyscalculia specialist

Let me help your child to achieve their full potential.

One to one tutoring

I provide interesting, stimulating and fun multi-sensory learning. Supporting school work.

Each child is an individual and I celebrate this in their learning.

35 years experience

Based in Fulham

020 7731 6532

07900 317 444 

DBS checked

 I have lived in Fulham, south west London, by the river Thames for almost 30 years. I was born in Michigan, USA and have lived in London since 1974. I love living in London. I love the art and theatre, my local book shop Nomad Books and the mix of people. I love my family and friends too, and my book group. I love my local pizza restaurant Il Pagliaccio and I love the local parks. I love my moped and my bike shop Chelsea Scooters, who keep it going. And I love and adore my family, children, daughter in law and granddaughter. This is my foundation for my life.

With your child we will build on each session, creating a core of work, experiences, tools and tricks to help them within the school environment. I will work closely with the child, working on the school work which they have found difficult. I will provide the parent with on going information and support information. This is an accumulative learning process, providing your child with confidence and self belief, that although they find things challenging, they are up to the challenge.

I work with children, dissecting information, breaking it down and then building it up again. My main aim is to help your son or daughter to achieve, to succeed, where before they struggled and were falling behind. To give them back the joy and thirst for learning which they have lost.

World Book Day

It’s time we lost the stigma around dyslexia. It is not a disadvantage; it is merely a different way of thinking.
— Richard Branson