• Meet Amanda Stocker

    I live in south west London, by the river Thames. I was born in Michigan, USA and have lived in London since 1974. I love London, the art and theatre, my local book shop Nomad Books  and the mix of people. I have learnt my printing from Ron Best, Heatherley’s School of Fine Art.

    My Teaching

    I have been drawn to working with primary school children since I was very young. I went to a Montessori Primary School where we were taught to count with horse chestnuts and in science we made bread. I was always a practical learner. I trained to become a Montessori Directress and have since worked within many different schools and with many different children. I am certified by the British Dyslexia Association to work with children with Dyslexia – literacy – and Dyscalculia – numeracy.

    My skills would also be supportive and helpful for any child feeling at a bit of a loss and struggling at school. I have always been drawn to children who did not find school work as easy and straight forward as others. I thrive on working out how to give these children the information necessary so that work and information can be absorbed, retained and available for another day. I struggled at school as did my son. I know how it feels.

    I love working with children, one to one, helping and inspiring them to learn how to take control of their learning. I find great satisfaction in working with children through literacy and numeracy to help them to achieve and helping them to feel the wonderful rush of success. I work with children on study skills, touch typing, phonetics, mind mapping, creating games and cards to reinforce information. I have special training for Dyslexia – words – and Dyscalculia – numbers.

  • My Printing

    I have fallen in love with printing. Both Intaglio and relief printing. My work includes lithography, etching, dry point wood block and collagraph printing. I have been inspired by the countryside, places I have travelled to, my photography, details in life and in nature and I have also been inspired by my own journey.

  • My Photography

    I use natural light mostly and have been a photographer since I bought my own camera, a Nikon Nikkormat, in the early 1970’s in New York City, the day that Nixon was impeached. I specialise in photographing portraits of children and adults at play and in their every day life, trying to grasp their essence and yet there are very few daily events I have not, over the years, photographed. I have photographed weddings, families for Christmas cards, restaurants for newspapers, postcards, still life, for architects, and of course my own family and for my own pleasure. I love photographing city life and nature, in detail. I have taught dark room work and photography for many years and now with the advent of digital photography I teach photography, using themes which we work to, exploring our environment, learning to use our cameras to achieve the images we want. Computer work is also discussed and explored.

  • Linking it all together

    The link I have found for all of these is that I do take time to really look, to work out how to do things in a better way, how to photograph the image I want, how to recreate the idea I have in my head onto a print, and above all how to help children not to feel lost, frustrated, to help them so that they do not feel that they have fallen so far behind so that they have little chance of catching up, to look behind and beyond the difficulties, dismantling them and relearning in a way which will help the information to stay in their memory and be retrieved when it is needed.